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    Romantic Relationships in Drug Treatment 11:34 - Jan 09, 2018 Romantic Relationships in Drug Treatment

    While the strengthening of appropriate and encouraging relationships is beneficial in any drug treatment program, participation in a romantic or sexual relationship can impair the ability to recover, and as such the vast majority of drug treatment ...

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    Benefits of Meditation 11:33 - Jan 09, 2018 Benefits of Meditation

    As addictions professionals recognize and promote the benefits of more holistic programs of recovery, the value of meditation in drug treatment is increasingly recognized and offered as adjunct therapeutic programming in comprehensive drug rehabs.

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    11:31 - Jan 09, 2018 Treatment for Employees

    Employee drug treatment programs better the productivity of any company, and as well provide a vital link to needed treatment programs for many underinsured Americans.

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    Marijuana Addiction 11:02 - Sep 15, 2015 Marijuana Addiction

    About 10% of people who experiment with marijuana will develop an addiction to the drug. Marijuana addiction is very real, there is a significant syndrome of withdrawal pains associated with quitting marijuana, and a lot of people just can't do it ...

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    12:01 - Sep 01, 2015 Nutrition in Recovery

    A long period of alcohol abuse can take a heavy toll on the body, and few people enter treatment in optimum health. Heavy drinking interferes with the body's absorption, processing and even consumption of vitamins and nutrients, and chronic drinking ...

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    12:00 - Sep 01, 2015 12 Steps Programs

    With more than 75 years of history, and literally tens of millions of lives bettered, 12 steps recovery programs have value. they don't work for everyone, but they're free, they're everywhere and they might just work for you. Give 12 steps a ...

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    01:30 - Jul 07, 2015 Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    For as many as 15% of people in some parts of the country, as autumn days shorten into winter nights, life gets harder. SAD is a seasonally induced depression that begins as the days shorten and doesn't lift until the first sunny days of spring. ...

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    01:30 - Jul 07, 2015 Depression in Seniors

    More than 2 million Americans over the age of 65 suffer from major depression, and another 5 million suffer from a less severe form of the disorder.

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    Alcohol Abuse and Seniors 04:31 - Jun 16, 2015 Alcohol Abuse and Seniors

    Estimates put the number of alcohol dependent seniors in the millions, and only a fraction of these are getting the help they need. For a number of reasons, alcohol abuse in the elderly often goes undiagnosed; and too often, elderly alcoholics are ...