Job Loss & Marriage - 8 Coping Tips
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With the ongoing financial crisis and loss of jobs and unemployment benefits, a marriage can be stressed to the breaking point. Here are 8 marriage-protecting tips to help you cope - and thrive - ...

The 7 Habits of Happy Couples
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Experience and research identify seven factors that keep a relationship going. Cultivate these habits and stay with your partner forever.

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  • Couples Therapy: Therapists say the biggest mistake most people make is waiting too long, and letting problems get too entrenched, before seeking help
  • Saving a Relationship: Never get therapy to ‘fix’ your partner, couples therapy only works when both parties take honest ownership of their contributions to the problem
  • Sex Therapy: If your relationship problems are largely sexual in nature you might find a short period of sexual therapy very helpful. Sex therapy helps between 50% and 70% of men with stress related ED recover normal sexual functioning
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