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Working it Through: A Closer Look at The 12 Steps of AA – Part 2 of 2

If you are new to 12 Step programs or are coming back to the program, this two part series takes a closer look at the 12 steps of AA.

Understanding The 12 Steps of AA – Part 1

by James Cloughley, Feb 2022

A closer look at the 12 steps of AA, breaking things down and showing you how it can support you to live a clean and sober life.

Cocaine Cravings and Withdrawal Timeline

by John Lee, Jan 2022

Learn what to expect from cocaine withdrawal and learn how long your cravings will last – and what you can do to tame your urges.

Understanding How the Alcoholic Thinks

by Jim LaPierre, Dec 2021

One of the finest compliments I receive from recovering alcoholics is that despite the fact that I am not an alcoholic, I understand how their minds work. I have profound respect for all the old sayings in AA. Some are open to interpretation - the "insanity of our disease" is a literal statement.

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Job Loss & Marriage - 8 Coping Tips

by Ari Hahn, Oct 2018

With the ongoing financial crisis and loss of jobs and unemployment benefits, a marriage can be stressed to the breaking point. Here are 8 marriage-protecting tips to help you cope - and thrive - through hard financial times.

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